The DigiGrad Africa Project – Internationalization and Digitalization of Graduate Training and Research for the Attainment of Africa’s Regional and Global Development Goals


DigiGrad is a European Union funded project that aims to enhance the quality and relevance of training of postgraduate students and young researchers in Africa, especially for the attainment of Africa’s regional and global development goals,  through harnessing the opportunities provided by digitalization & internationalization.   The project is co-designed & coordinated by ANIE & OBREAL Global.


  • Refine, contextualise and articulate HEI strategies for digitalization and internationalization
  • Build HEI staff capacity in African universities to manage internationalisation
  • Build HEI staff capacity in African Universities to utilise digital tools
  • Build the capacity of young African researchers to exploit digitalisation


  • Robust strategy documents for digitalising, internationalisation, research enhancement and a Handbook
  • HEI research supervisors and staff of IROs trained in harnessing digitalisation for internationalisation
  • A virtual post-graduate student training programme
  • An African young researchers’ network is established and sustained

Latest News

In-Person Training in Ghana

Final In-Person Training Session in GhanaDate: 7-11 October 2024 Time : 09:00-14:30 CET/UTC 11:00-16:30 CAT     14:00-17:30 EAT

Handbook for Internationalisation

Register for Handbook for Internationalisation TrainingDate : 10th July 2024 Time : 13:00-14:30 CET/UTC 15:00-16:30 CAT     16:00-17:30 EAT

Doctoral Student Supervision Training

Register for the Doctoral Student Supervision Training Link to joint training - : 17th June...