The Project

The DigiGrad Project focuses on some of the main challenges facing African universities i.e. deficient research  capacities, weak capacities for postgraduate training and inability to take advantage of the opportunities  presented by internationalization.

It also takes cognisance of the opportunities presented by the  developments in ICTs, digitalization and the shift to online learning especially arising from the impacts of  the COVID 19 Pandemic.

DigiGrad Africa targets multi-stakeholders in the university to ensure robust capacities to internationalise digitalise and enhance young researchers’ careers.

It begins with a  strategic revision phase, targeting internationalisation strategies, as a baseline for then focusing on the specific needs of supervisors and young researchers to improve their  international research skills and competencies.

One of the main outcomes is not only a co-developed and replicable learning programme for young researchers, but also a  new network for young African researchers to be hosted by ANIE. 


The indicators will be both qualitative and quantitative.  

Baseline values versus change once the project is completed will be measured as 

  • State of existing internationalization strategy versus new strategy documents and their inclusion of indicators related to post-graduate training and digitalization 
  • Number of supervisors with digital competencies/number of revised and executed supervision plans employing digital/international skills.  
  • Number of young researchers participating in virtual training modules and acquisition of transversal skills  
  • Number of young researchers that adhere to the new networks 

Specific indicators will also be established for management, dissemination and uptake beyond the  partner universities.